You'll be acting like you're actually getting drunk

You'll be acting like you're actually getting drunk."</p><P>Barb was silent for almost a minute before saying, "I'm willing to do it but I see two problems with the plan. The first issue is that I don't have any slutty clothes to wear with me and the second is how will I explain all of the marks from the flogging?"</p><P>Jen grinned then said, "I have plenty of things downstairs for you to wear and before we leave, you'll look like a cheap whore.

It will be your task to explain the marks on your body because I know that you're creative enough to do it."</p><P>Jen asked if anyone else felt the need to empty their bladder. We all needed to piss so we walked outside to the outdoor shower, then without a word, Barb went to her knees while opening her mouth. Jen straddled her open mouth and then filled it with her hot piss without wasting a drop. Next, it was my turn and I added my piss to her belly. Jen t…

She joined us in the bedroom and immediately

She joined us in the bedroom and immediately removed her clothes. Jen and Gwen set up the video equipment then arranged the lighting in the room.</p><P>Once everything was ready, Jen said, "Gwen has made videos before and she's very good at it. Barb, I'm going to abuse and use you hard so if you need me to stop, use 'red' as your safe word."</p><P>Barb agreed, then Jen took control after turning on a CD of Native American music with flutes, drumming, and chants.

She signaled Gwen to start recording the scene as I watched from the other side of the room in anticipation. Jen grabbed Barb by the ponytail and pulled her to the spanking bench.</p><P>Once she had secured her to the apparatus with the heavy leather straps, she walked over to her toy area and returned with a flogger. As the music played, Jen started to warm-up Barb's ass and upper back with the rhythm of the music guiding her actions.

Whoa, this is difficult to put into words but

</p><P>And then it was my turn: "Whoa, this is difficult to put into words but I'll try as best that I can. As Barb stated, we met each through our joint political work which is something that we both still share. We both believe in social justice and that we all have a responsibility to do the right thing. We both crave sex and sharing each other sexually. We love each other and believe that sex should be viewed as performance art."</p><P>Jen then said, "Let's all relish the honesty and openness that we've all just shared with each other. We've got one hour before this gathering will end so please use the time to get to know our new friends better.

Please don't forget to send me your e-mail message before midnight tonight! "</p><P> Jen asked Greg to help her bring some cold beers out from the kitchen for everyone and when he returned he was displaying a very nice hard-on. Barb and I chatted with everyone, I e…

We'll talk about Liz later but I've come up with a few ideas that

We'll talk about Liz later but I've come up with a few ideas that just might enable us to corrupt her!"</p><P>Just then something electronic beeped and Jen said, "That's my security system telling someone is walking toward my front steps."</p><P>She left us to go to the door.</p><P>We could hear her say, "Hello, Gwen, come on in!"</p><P>She ushered Gwen in to meet us and after hugging us, she immediately removed her clothes before chatting with us. She appeared to be in her early forties and was certainly someone we'd both play with if the chance presented itself. She had a medium size body, unlike Jen's swimmer physique but very pleasing to the eye.</p><P>As Jen lead the introductions and conversation, her security system started to beep again and as Jen opened the door, we heard several voices.

It appeared that the other five friends had coordinated their arrival time, as Jen lea…

The next morning, we were both still excited about

The next morning, we were both still excited about what took place with Brian the previous day so over a light breakfast Barb couldn't stop talking about how erotic it was to watch me kissing another male. She told me how much she wanted it to happen again, whether with Brian or with another male of my choice.</p><P>As we talked about the possibilities, Barb's phone rang and it was Jan. I had a feeling that the call might last awhile so I took my coffee out to the sun porch off of the kitchen to watch the birds in the fruit tree.

When I finished the coffee, I could still see Barb was talking to her so I sat there wondering if Jen was having second thoughts about seeing us today.</p><P>About twenty later, Barb called me back into the apartment to tell me about the conversation.</p><P>"Jen wants to change the original plan for the day which is fine with me but I want to check with you then I'll call her back.